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Use art to create, connect, inspire the elderly and special needs through art.

Join a community of enthusiastic and creatively-courageous people who are lighting the way to change the perception of aging and individuals with special needs!


Our curriculum is based on cutting-edge adaptive art techniques, mindset, energy flow, case studies, and service design.

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This Program is for you...



If you’re A Creative Person...

who understands the POWER of art and would like to

use your skills to make a difference in someone's life

and do what you love, this program is for you!

If you’re an Activity Professional...

who would like to use art therapeutically with

residents, position yourself as a skilled professional

with specialized training, add to your credentials

and have a competitive edge, this program is for you!



If you're a Family Caregiver...

(professional or family member)who would like to

use art to engage and connect with loved ones

on a holistic level, this program is for you!



This certification program will show you how to use art as therapy. In just 3 months you can Be Certified in the progressive field of therapeutic art. As a Certified Art Practitioner—you’ll increase your credibility. Plus, be on the fast track towards personal growth and fulfillment in a thriving community.


Art as a modality will help you touch the hearts of clients and enhance their quality of life.



Get ready to learn step-by-step, with the Art Transforms Lives Practitioner Certification Program™!


  • You’ll learn how to use art as a therapeutic tool for seniors and individuals with special needs.

  • You’ll receive bundles of art tips and techniques for getting amazing results.

  • You'll create a name for yourself and increase your marketability.

  • You'll learn how to clearly communicate what you do as a Certified Art Practitioner!

  • Plus, you'll get forms, checklists, templates, worksheets, and resource guide to guarantee you success



If this is speaking to you and you desire to help others reconnect with their inner spirit... This program is just for you!


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There is a reason you landed on this page... I’m SO excited to share this unprecedented opportunity with you!



The ART TRANSFORMS LIVES Practitioner Certification™ is a national and professional credential in the field of Therapeutic Art for Certified Art Practitioners (CAP).

Please be advised, we do not use art as an intervention for diagnosing or treating individuals. We use art as
a therapeutic tool to encourage freedom of expression

What does it take to be certified?

compassionate spirit

Patience and understanding are key characteristics

creative thinker

Must have a LOVE for art and enjoy being creative

Knowledge  with this unique community is essential

Working Experience

Pass exam & 10 CEUs/2 yrs

Maintain credibility by staying abreast of new trends in art

Upon completion, you will receive the

credentials "CAP" and title, Certifed Art Practitioner™


What We

Do & Why

"We are a tribe that is enthusiastic, spiritual, motivated, creative,

and forward-thinking!"


We offer meaningful experiences that are creative without the drawbacks of fear or uncertainty. We use art to distract attention from one's disabilities, aches, pains, and worries. We show up to put smiles on faces and make people feel special because they matter.

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"Art Transforms Lives" movement is all about sharing the love and opportunity

with others so they can do the same.

Professional Standards

The ART TRANSFORMS LIVES Practitioner Certification framework is built upon these practices:

• Human Development and Aging
• Spirituality of Aging
• Wellness and Self Esteem
• Behavioral Interventions
• Psychology of Aging
• Person Centered Programming
• Group Instruction/Leadership
• Therapeutic Approach.
• Motivational Techniques
• Individualized Care Planning
• Equipment & Safety Control
• Expressive/Creative Program
• Professional Development
• Program Implementation
• Conducting Activities
• Evaluation Techniques
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Together, we can Spread Joy and make this World More Colorful!


the LOVE...


  Sherita Sparrow, CAP 

World Class Therapeutic Art Practitioner

"When you use art to touch someone's heart, you get amazing results! 

Let me share what led to starting the

Art Transforms Lives Movement...


Years ago I found myself at a major crossroad. I was perplexed about my dream job as a Graphic Designer, working for a national magazine company. I could be creative, get paid, and avoid the “Starving Artist” stigma. Yet, the job did not measure up. I felt limited with my creativity. The job lacked vibrancy and human connection. Eventually, my eyes were opened to a different way of using art that I evolve into my purpose. I am invited to create art with the elderly living in a nursing home. This is the turning point that changed my life.


At the start of the session, I was nervous. By the end of the hour, something was revealed.... There were smiles and a sense of accomplishment showing on each resident’s face. In this moment I realized art transforms lives beyond words and I could make a difference. I felt a pull in my heart telling me this is the direction I should go. So I followed my intuition and made a leap! I wasn’t even sure it was going to work. In fact, I second guessed myself and wonder what am I thinking... Yet, there was no turning back. The art I was creating with residents made a difference and I felt called to help this population.


Over the past 15 years, I studied art and developed methods that worked best with the senior community and individuals with special needs. I adapted these methods to empower and increase clients’ sense of self-worth. I developed "The Formula for Creating Tasteful Art Projects with Seniors that Establish Breakthrough Moments and Amazing Results” as a way to resonate with residents on a holistic level.


The powerful thing about this is that Activity Professionals, caregivers, and other wellness professionals began to inquire about my methods. They wanted to learn how to get the same results with their clients. I also received inquiries from other artists who desired to use art as therapy but did not know where to start….


And this is where YOU come in...

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"Sherita, you actually brought me out of my painting slump! I had not picked up a paintbrush in 7 years and was terrified. Thanks for being supportive and inspiring!"


Stephany U.

Activity Director in Pennsylvania


Embrace your


then inspire

others to do

the same....

Wondering if Art Transforms Lives Practitioner Certification is for you?

Here's Inspiration from a Certified Art Practitioner...

- Graduate -

Art Transforms Lives Practitioner Certification

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"Are you READY to make a difference?

More Info?

Looking for alittle more information?

Get a snapshot of the Art Transforms Lives Practitioner

Certification Program and registration.



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